Continuing Professional Development

Updating knowledge and skills throughout careers
  • Preparing graduates for the professions is one of the University of Dundee's key strengths and this is carried through to the University's CPD provision – ensuring professionals continue to be equipped with up to dates skills and knowledge.
  • We offer courses accredited by professional bodies, where appropriate.
  • Courses are designed to fit in with the lives of busy professionals - many are available part-time or distance learning.

Surgical Skills

The Cuschieri Skills Centre offers an extensive programme of skills training courses in laparoscopic general surgery and also training in a variety of other surgical specialties such as ENT, endoscopy, urology, orthopaedics) at basic, intermediate and advanced levels.

Typically the Cuschieri Skills Centre delivers over 60 post-graduate skills courses to ~900 delegates ,including many international delegates , across 10 surgical specialties.

Clinical Skills

Dundee has long been at the forefront of developments in clinical skills education and has now built on this by integrating health information technology systems into its education and training programmes.

The Clinical Skills Centre trains healthcare professionals to make the best use of IT in the safe management and care of patients in different clinical contexts.

The centre also offers simulation based training courses for a wide range of health care providers including doctors, dentists, nurses, optometrists and pharmacists. Contact Clinical Skills for more information.

The Centre for Medical Education

The Centre for Medical Education at the University of Dundee is a leading international centre of medical education teaching and research.

The Centre has more than 30 years' experience and over 5000 participants from more than 73 countries have taken part in its programmes. The Dundee qualifications are recognised throughout the world.

Actively involved in innovations in medical education the Centre has been responsible for introducing a number of new approaches to teaching, assessment and curriculum planning.

Its major focus is to make teaching and learning more effective in all phases of undergraduate, postgraduate and continuing education.

As well as providing courses the Centre carries out teaching and research and consultancy into medical education.

The centre offers medical educators:

  • short workshops
  • Postgraduate Certificate, Diploma, Masters degree
  • PhDs

Each year the Centre for Medical Education runs a series of short courses designed to help teachers develop an understanding of and study skills in medical education. The courses are attended by delegates from all over the world, providing a unique professional international networking opportunity.