Current Research Students

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Listed below are links to the most frequently needed information and forms needed by research students at various stages of their degree. Supervisors are the first point of advice for research students – further queries can be directed to School postgraduate co-ordinators or the Graduate School Office.

Also try the A-Z for less requested information.

The Student Handbook is an invaluable source of guidance and should be referred to throughout the course of study, especially at the start of each academic year.

Admission of Research Students



Annual Student Symposium

The students present their work at an Annual Symposium, giving the the opportunity to engage with other students within the College.

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Travel Awards and Charity/Trust Funding

  • Research Students in the Medical School will be notified when the Dow Travel Award is open for application. This funds research students attending and presenting their work at relevant national and international conferences.
  • The Alternative Guide to Postgraduate Funding' which takes students through the whole process of identifying charities and trusts for financial support for their studies.

Thesis submission


Advice and support for research students

Academic Skills

  • Academic Skills They are an integral part of CASTLE - the Centre for the enhancement of Academic Skills, Teaching, Learning & Employability, with close ties with The Enterprise Gym, Disabilities and Counselling services and International Advice Service.

Societies and Associations for Research Students