Disabilities - Support for Students

Support and Information for Students with Disabilities (including Dyslexia)

The University of Dundee has a Disability Services department which provides a range of confidential services for disabled students, including those with physical and sensory impairments, medical conditions, mental health difficulties and specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia. All disabled students are advised to contact Disability Services as soon as possible in order for recommendations to be made for examination and other course-related support. A Disability Disclosure Form should be completed, and further details are available from Disability Services’ website.

To receive the most appropriate support you are encouraged to register with Disability Services as soon as possible and to provide us with confirmation of your disability from a recognised practioner e.g. your Doctor or Consultant. If you have Dyslexia, or another Specific Learning Disability, you may need a full assessment by a Chartered Psychologist. Please contact the Dyslexia Service for further details. Please note that you do not need to register with Disability Services in order to speak to one of our Advisers in confidence.