Internationalisation Stategy and Guidance

University Internationalisation Strategy

The key aims are to bring the World to Dundee and to take Dundee to the World in part by building Sustainable International Partnerships. These will be underpinned by a range of supporting activities enabling the University to effectively develop and resource the Internationalisation Strategy. Nine Performance Indicators to help us judge progress towards meeting the aims.

Developing International Partnerships

Developing strong teaching and research partnerships is a key component of the University of Dundee internationalisation strategy.  There is a large number of relationships in place with new opportunities presenting themselves, or being discovered, on a regular basis.  

The aim of the International Partnership Handbook is to support the strategy for establishing collaborative partnerships and form partnerships with the very best institutions and academics for the benefit of the University and its staff and students.

An International partnership checklist provides easy to follow guidance for the development of Memorandum of Understanding/Agreements in tandem with the International Partnership Handbook