Caregivers of ICU patients

Survivors of intensive care can be left with a significant burden of physical and psychological problems, and this creates heavy demand on health care resources.  These problems, coupled with a prolonged recovery period can be difficult issues for caregivers who support patients during this time.  We have limited understanding of the effect of such an experience on caregivers’ subsequent health, function and emotional outcome.  Importantly we have limited knowledge of the influence that caregivers’ outcomes have on patient recovery.

Leventhal’s common-sense model of illness representation could be used as a theoretical framework to help us understand the relationship between patient and caregiver recovery after intensive care, and identify factors that predict caregiver health, function and emotion during the patient’s period of critical illness and patient recovery.

Note: There is no funding availabe for this project. It is only open to students who provide their own funding or who are applying through the Brazilian Science Without Borders Scheme.

Dr Janice Rattray