Examination of ways to develop established rehabilitation interventions into tailored interventions for supported self-management of rehabilitation for long-term conditions in community settings.

Projects would involve critical evaluation of the literature and systematic review to determine the effectiveness of the selected interventions and to examine the context, timing and populations in which they have already been examined. Theoretical concepts underlying the intervention and theories underlying potential self-management strategies and adherence would also need to be examined and critically and evaluated for their applicability in rehabilitation.  Students may then undertake exploratory qualitative investigation of the beliefs and attitudes towards self-management of rehabilitation of people with these conditions, their carers and health professionals.

Findings from the systematic review, qualitative work and theories would be used to develop a self-management intervention for use in community rehabilitation. 

Interventions may, but do not have to involve the use of novel strategies such as use of telephone, telemedicine or other technology, or virtual or real group support. 

It may also be possible to undertake pilot testing of the potential effects of the intervention within the context of the thesis.

Dr Jacqui Morris