Personalised medicine for blood pressure and diabetes control and prevention of kidney disease.

The main reason for kidneys to fail is due to diabetes and prolonged exposure to high blood pressure.  These two factors account for nearly three quarters of all kidney disease.   The effectiveness of drugs in the management of blood pressure and diabetes is highly variable in different individuals and it would be desirable to be able to use simple tests to predict which drugs will work in particular patients.   The current project aims to define predictive markers to allow for the more effective prevention of kidney disease in patients with high blood pressure and diabetes.  The student will use large scale electronic health records to establish trajectories of kidney damage in a large cohort of individuals with type 2 diabetes (GoDARTS) and will integrate genomic and non genomic biomarkers to assess their role in predicting the effectiveness of drugs such as ACE Inhibitors in the prevention of kidney function decline.  The genomic data will include imputed whole genome microarray SNP data as well as whole exome sequencing data.  Non genomic biomarkers will include metabonomics, proteomics and transcriptomics.  The aim is to provide effective stratification of diabetic patients to deliver the “right drug to the right patient” in order to prevent this devastating, but common, complication of diabetes.


As this is a highly data intensive project, students with a background in quantitative sciences including bioinformatics, epidemiology, computing and statistics would be suitable.  An MSc in an appropriate data intensive subject would be desirable.  

Supervision & Funding

The project will be supervised by Professor Colin NA Palmer, Chair of Pharmacogenomics and at the Medical School in the University of Dundee and will be funded by the European Union as part of the Innovative Medicines Initiative project- BEAT-DKD.  Suitable study start date Feb 2017-0ctober 2017.


Please send your CV and two references to Prof Colin Palmer.

Prof Colin Palmer
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Start Date: 
Wednesday, February 1, 2017
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Funded by the European Union as part of the Innovative Medicines Initiative project- BEAT-DKD. Open to UK, EU and International applicants.