Supporting self-management in patients with long term conditions

Healthcare faces many challenges. Amongst these, the growth in the ageing population and the increased prevalence of long-term conditions increases the demands on the service and the cost of supply.  This has led to attempts to understand how best to support patient self-management and how to make health services more efficient.

 A range of theoretical approaches have been focussed on the experience of people with long-term conditions to understand predictors of their mood, health-related quality of life and physical function, e.g. Leventhal’s Common Sense Model of Illness Representation.  Research in this area often uses questionnaire based approaches to understand patient adaptation, which is thought to be a dynamic and changing process.

Professor Jones welcomes potential PhD projects that are based on real-time data collection methods and that can better describe this dynamic process.

 Jones MC, Johnston D (2011) Understanding phenomena in the real world:  The case for real time data collection. In press Journal of Health Services Research & Policy, July vol. 16 no. 3 172-176.

Professor Martyn Jones