Presentation and Layout of Thesis

The information provided below is also available in the Code of Practice.

Theses Submission

  • The thesis and any copy of it shall be presented in permanent and legible form either in typescript or in print: provided that, for the purposes of initial submission to the examiners, copies of the thesis may be presented in temporary binding with a stout outer covering and in such form as to ensure the security of the contents.
  • Good quality paper of size A4 (210 mm x 297 mm) shall be used.
  • Typescript shall be in double-spacing and on one side of the leaf only.
  • The left or binding edge margin shall not be less than 40 mm and the other margins normally not less than 20 mm.
  • Pages shall normally be numbered consecutively through the main text
  • Page numbers shall be located centrally at the top of the page.
  • The title page shall bear the title of the thesis and the full names of the author in the centre and the full designation of the degree, the name of the University and the month and year of presentation in the bottom right-hand corner.
  • The table of contents shall normally follow the title page.
  • Acknowledgements shall normally appear on the page following the table of contents and any appended list of illustrations.
  • Following the acknowledgements, if any, there shall be: (a) a signed declaration, that the candidate is the author of the thesis; that, unless otherwise stated, all references cited have been consulted by the candidate; that the work of which the thesis is a record has been done by the candidate, and that it has not been previously accepted for a higher degree: provided that if the thesis is based upon joint research, the nature and extent of the candidate's individual contribution shall be defined; (b) where appropriate, a signed statement by the supervisor that the conditions of the relevant Ordinance and Regulations have been fulfilled.
  • Following the declaration and statement referred to above, there shall be a summary of the contents of approximately three hundred words.
  • Two additional copies of the summary shall be provided separately in a form suitable for publication by the University.
  • References shall enable the reader to identify the work cited and to locate the specific passage concerned.
  • The thesis shall be written in English unless the appropriate College Board, on the recommendation of the candidate's supervisor, has approved the use of another language.
  • A candidate for a higher degree by thesis shall submit, on or before the due date, three bound copies of the thesis together with a higher degree schedule and any fees payable. A candidate who fails to satisfy any of the requirements of this sub-section shall not be permitted to graduate
  • The top typescript and one other copy of any thesis accepted for a higher degree shall become the property of the University and shall be lodged in the University Library. The second copy may be issued by the Library to the Department in which the research was undertaken. The remaining copy shall be returned to the candidate.
  • The copyright in a thesis shall remain with the author of the thesis.
  • Each candidate shall receive a copy of a declaration empowering the University Library to reproduce the thesis on the authority of the Librarian and subject to appropriate safeguards, but without further reference to the author. This declaration may be signed and returned, or permission may be withheld, at the discretion of the candidate.

Binding (for final submission)

  • The leaves of a thesis shall be permanently secured within boards covered in a strong waterproof cloth normally of black or blue.
  • The cover boards shall have sufficient rigidity to support the weight of the volume when standing upright.
  • The outside front board shall bear the title of the thesis and the author's initials and surname in at least 24 pt type
  • The spine of the volume or volumes shall bear the abbreviated designation of the degree (e.g. PhD), the initials and surname of the author and the year of presentation, printed so as to be readable when the volume is lying flat with the front cover uppermost. If the work comprises more than one volume, the number of each volume also shall appear on the spine
  • All lettering on the front cover and spine shall be clearly legible.

Notes: The following recommendations, which do not form part of the above Regulations, are intended to be of assistance to those preparing theses for higher degrees.

  • The table of contents (Regulation 9) should list in sequence, with page numbers, all relevant subdivisions of the thesis, including the titles of chapters, sections and subsections, as appropriate; the bibliography or list of references; the list of abbreviations and other functional parts of the whole thesis; any appendices.
  • If the thesis comprises more than one volume, the contents of the whole thesis should be shown in the first volume. Each subsequent volume should contain a list only of its own contents.
  • If the thesis contains tables, photographs, illustrations, diagrams etc., a list of these, in the order in which they appear in the text, should follow the table of contents.
  • Diagrams, illustrations and tables should be inserted as close as possible to the 'associated text. Where this is not practicable and a pocket is required, the pocket should be attached to the inside back cover by the book-binder. When previously published papers are submitted as an appendix to the thesis they should, if possible, be sewn in rather than inserted loose in a pocket attached to the back cover.
  • If it is necessary to present diagrams, illustrations or tables in a separate volume, the binding of such volume should conform to that of the main text of the thesis.
  • Photographic illustrations should be permanent reproductions. They should be either printed on single weight printing paper, preferable unglazed, or mounted on cartridge paper for binding.
  • Notes may be inserted at the foot of the relevant page, beneath a horizontal rule separating them from the main text. Such footnotes may be typed in single spacing.
  • To facilitate publication in microform, each of the two additional copies of the summary of contents, or abstract, should be typed in single spacing, be limited to one side of a single sheet of white A4 paper and have a heading containing the name of the author and the title of the thesis.
  • The bibliography or list of references should be arranged in a logical sequence, e.g. alphabetically by authors.