Nursing & Midwifery

Creating and sharing knowledge for service improvement in the NHS

The fully funded studentship will be used to explore the creation, flow and application of research-based knowledge in support of quality improvement and/or service redesign in health care. A core concern will be to examine and evaluate (formatively and, where possible, summatively) innovative models of knowledge translation and exchange and/or knowledge co-creation across service boundaries. Of particular interest are the knowledge needs (and ways of meeting these) of health and social care managers (both clinical and non-clinical).

Professional practices and institutional attitudes with marginalised groups

Specific poposals that reflect upon the role of social representations about service users by professionals from a range of sectors are welcome .

The core idea of a proposal in this area would be the identification of cultural and socio-symbolical constraints that create barriers for users’ engagement, as well as the role of such constraints on the reproduction of marginality.

Exploration of ways of using the SWHMR maternity record to facilitate woman centred care.

Context-sensitive evaluations of different approaches to introducing and supporting women’s use of the SWHMR could be conducted alongside quality improvement initiatives focused on person-centred care.  The ways in which service organisation and staff workloads support and constrain the ability of staff to respond flexibly to the particular needs and perspectives of individual women needs investigation.

Use of mobile phone technology (SMS messaging or ‘apps’) for information and support for infant feeding.

This could involve exploring the potential of mobile phones for:

•         Providing BF promotional messages during pregnancy

•         Support and encouragement for BF women after delivery

•         Checking on BF progress and early identification of problems


Note: There is no funding availabe for this project. It is only open to students who provide their own funding or who are applying through the Brazilian Science Without Borders Scheme.


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