Symposium 2013 Abstracts

Abstract title Name  
School of Medicine    
TGF-β driven migration, invasion and metastasis in breast cance Alana Burns Talk
RNAi depletion of PRSS21 in cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma keratinocytes induces maspin dependent apoptosis Kim Robinson  Talk
Utilising the Auxin Inducible Degron system to rapidly, conditionally and reversibly degrade APC in DT40 cells Jane Cuddihy Talk
Mutant p53 in cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma Harpal Saundh Poster
Regulation of integrin‑mediated adhesion under shear flow conditions in naive and effector lymphocytes Hwee San Lek Talk
Genetic Testing following Breast Cancer Diagnosis: A Qualitative Investigation of Patient Experience  Pauline Armory Poster
Control of apoptosis in response to mitotic arrest Katie Younger Talk 
Cardiovascular and Diabetes    
IN-VIVO non-invasive measurements of biomarkers in Cardiovascular Disease  Naveed Akbar Talk
Novel method of preparing human semen for Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) based on viscous medium penetration  Alexey Biryukov Talk
Methodological Advances in Non-Invasive Testing of Endothelial Function  Fiona Adams  Poster 
Imaging and Technology    
How vascular prosthetic graft design affects haemodynamics Efstratios Kokkalis Talk
Glycated Haemoglobin and Fasting Glucose in the Diagnosis of Diabetes Mellitus in a Cohort of Obese Patients  Deona Mei Lam Chan Poster 
Medical Education    
Supporting trainees through transitions in Foundation Year training  Alisdair Smithies  Poster
The impact of postgraduate qualifications in medical education on graduates’ professional identity formation and career pathways Ahsan Sethi Talk
Characterisation of leptin mimetic agents in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease  Yasaman Malekizadeh Talk
Population Health Sciences     
The relationship between faecal haemoglobin concentration and the risk of significant colorectal neoplasia in screening populations Jayne Digby  Talk
School of Dentsitry    
Alcohol Advice In Dental Primary Care Simon Shepherd Talk
Comparison of the reproducibility of novel diagnostic techniques with conventional methods for occlusal caries detection – an in vitro study  Tamer S. ALJamaan  Talk
Migration Stimulating Factor. The search for inhibitors  Margaret M Florence  Talk
Role of signal transduction in oral cancer cell migration Mohammad R Islam Talk
Subclinical features of cleft lip and palate in non-affected parents of individuals with cleft lip and  palate in relation to their genetic background  Shaho Z. Al-Talabani Poster
Investigation of a Fatiguing Exercise on a Mechanically-Recorded Human Jaw Reflex  Mounir Atassi Poster
Determinants of dental caries experience among prisoners  Tahira Akbar  Talk 
Self-ligating Vs. conventional ligating orthodontic brackets (Smile aesthetic perspective): Prospective Randomised Clinical Trial Abdulghani Alarabi Poster
 School of Nursing    
Exploring Loneliness in the Context of Cancer: A Mixed Methods Study Kathryn Burns  Talk 
Exercise intervention for the surgically treated patient with lung cancer  Katy Crandall  Talk