Thesis Submission (Information for Students)

Intention to submit

At least 3 months in advance of the submission of your thesis, your supervisor should fill in an Intention to Submit form. The form gives details of your examiners, and should be signed by you, your supervisors, your head of Division and the external examiner(s) and include the external examiners' CV, before being sent to Debbie Smith (Graduate School Office, Level 6, Ninewells Hospital and Medical School) for approval by the Research Degrees Committee and subsequent signature by the Head of the Graduate School. The signed form is sent to Registry, once it has been approved by the Research Degrees Committee. Registry will deal with your thesis once it is submitted.

Presentation and layout of the thesis

The University of Dundee have basic regulations for the presentation and layout of your thesis. It is also essential that you sign a declaration which states that you are the author of the thesis, that you have consulted all of the cited references, that, unless otherwise stated, you have performed all of the reported work and that the work has not previously been accepted for a higher degree. Your supervisor should sign a separate statement that the conditions of the relevant Ordinance and Regulations have been fulfilled.


Number of copies required is as follows:

One copy should be submitted to Registry (1 Airlie Place, DD1 4HN) and the remaining two copies should be given to the convener of the examination. For the purpose of the initial submission, copies of the thesis may be presented in temporary binding. 

You will be required to complete the Access to Thesis (.doc, 22 kB) form and Higher Degree Schedule (.doc, 29 kB) on submission of your thesis.

  • a signed declaration, that the candidate is the author of the thesis; that, unless otherwise stated, all references cited have been consulted by the candidate; that the work of which the thesis is a record has been done by the candidate, and that it has not been previously accepted for a higher degree: provided that if the thesis is based upon joint research, the nature and extent of the candidate's individual contribution shall be defined
  • where appropriate, a signed statement by the supervisor that the conditions of the relevant Ordinance and Regulations have been fulfilled.

Final Submission

Once the final corrections have been made and approved an electronic copy must be submitted in the Discovery Research Portal before the hardbound copies are submitted to Registry. 

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