Transfer of Ordinance 12 to 39 (College Criteria)

2 and 3 year research degrees

For the Degrees of PhD, MPhil and MD, Students are required to:

Meet with their Thesis Monitoring Committee (TMC) on at least 2 separate occasions prior to transfer of Ordinance 12 to 39.

Submit a substantial written report of an appropriate standard to the TMC.

Give a satisfactory oral presentation at an appropriate forum of peers. This should normally take place at the Annual Postgraduate Symposium (except for the School of Nursing and Midwifery, where separate arrangements will be made for the oral presentation). Under exceptional circumstances where the student is unable to attend, alternative arrangements should be made by the supervisors, who must also ensure that at least one member of the TMC and the Head of division/Department/School attend.

Participate fully in compulsory aspects of the Postgraduate Training Programme. Only under exceptional circumstances will this requirement be waived.

Satisfy their supervisors, Head of Division/School and TMC of their suitability for candidacy of the named research degree, and of their ability to perform as a member of a research team*.

Demonstrate analytical and research planning ability. Where appropriate, students should be capable of data analysis and planning subsequent experimental steps.

* Heads of Division/School and the Chairs of TMCs should ensure that their recommendation is evidence-based, and at the very least should attend the student’s presentation at the Annual Symposium or other relevant forum.

If the criteria are not met, it can be recommended that the Transfer from Ordinance 12 to 39 is delayed for a specified period, or that the student be registered for a lower award than originally intended, or, where it is clear that the criteria are highly unlikely to be met, that the student's registration be terminated.